Life's A Beach Pop-Up Store at Pillow Heat

Life’s a Beach

The guys at Jocks and Nerds came over to our event with Pillow Heat. Heres what they had to say along with some pics of the store pre event: 

"Born out of a mutual respect for classic Vans, Life’s a Beach has opened a pop-up store within Pillow Heat.

Set up by Henry Davies, Pillow Heat specialise in vintage footwear, eyewear and core skate/bmx clothing however their main passion is original Vans footwear made in the USA. Life’s A Beach was started in the late 1980s by Chicago-natives Jeff Theodosakis and brothers Mark and Brian Simo who, as a reaction against the "nut-hugging" swimwear they encountered on their trips down to the beach in Florida, built a clothing brand in California that's wild styles reflected their interests in extreme sports.

So as a result, a collaboration between the two was a "no brainer" according to Davies. The pop-up will feature all of Life’s a Beach’s Spring/Summer15 collection, alongside plenty of rare vintage Vans."
Check the full article here.

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